Like it...or not, Amazon is amazing, and sets the standard for products, selection, deals, and delivery. Shopping on Prime Day presents super deals, early delivery, and feels like Christmas when you find just the thing you need. As for Amazon's hierarchy as a business a June 2nd Press Release ranks the online mega-store as No. 1 investor in America.

Prime Day 2021 is June 21 and 22 and you can find some real deals before those days.

This year Amazon is supporting small businesses.

This is not only a sweet deal, it is helping small businesses recover from the devastating event called Covid-19.

So where do YOU start? First of all, if you are not a Prime member, you should be.

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Once you are a Prime member you can start reaping the perks of your status on Amazon. Let's get to the good stuff that Amazon Prime Day will give you.

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You can store your photos on Amazon Prime Photos or Amazon Cloud Drive. Both platforms are included within your Prime subscription and offer incredible value for photographers looking to back up a significant archive.

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Let's go for the BIG stuff. Why not? You know how much you would love a new TV. You've been working hard in the middle of a pandemic, your schedule has been all out of whack, you're anxious to take a trip but it's not in the cards, as yet. Why not kick back on your favorite sofa, and watch on a new tv. Browse these deserve it!

The following sections are picks from the Amazon website that you can browse to see what deals are happening on Amazon Prime Days. There is a search box at the bottom of each category and if you have a particular item you are looking for this could get you to that item more easily. Prices will fluctuate especially on these Prime Days.

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Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

Imily Bela Womens V Neck Tshirt

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Camera Lens Coffee Mug

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Wait. Before you run away this is going to be basic, easy, fun, and you will be amazed at what you can do with a square piece of paper.

My heritage is Eastern European as in my genealogy story Roots, trees, and family. Art from other cultures has certainly been a part of my background. My mother's brother had married a young woman when he was in the military stationed in Japan. When he was transferred to a different area, she lived with us to keep expenses low. What fun it was to learn about Asian customs and styles. I remember how she modeled her wedding attire when we had an American-style bridal shower for her. (I recall that it took hours for her to appear; mostly because of the traditional hair and makeup process).

Shigeko taught my sister, brother, and me a lot about how things were different in her country. There were times that she didn't understand our table manners. Her's were impeccable, and she was apt to spend the entire morning cooking for our evening meal, and then she would quietly stand back and enjoy watching us eat what she had prepared.

This origami lesson is one of the things that I remember so well. What she could do with small pieces of paper was mesmerizing to our young eyes.

Let's have at it. Origami from ori, meaning "folding" and kami, meaning "paper." Basically, that's it. Paper and folding. Generally, the goal is to transform a square piece of paper into a finished sculpture.

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ORIGAMI BUTTERFLY (age 10 through 12)

What you will need for this easy tutorial:

How easy is that?

Follow this Youtube tutorial on this first lesson: ORIGAMI BUTTERFLY

Materials for your origami lesson

Easy doesn't mean the end result is not pleasing. As a former art teacher to young kindergartners through fifth-graders, I recognized that child art has a distinct charm of its own. The images are honest, forthright expressions of the child's world as he or she feels it and understands it to be.

WARM & COOL COLORS (age 5 through 8)

Have a conversation with your child or children.

  • Ask your child "what makes you feel warm? " (Sun, fireplace, sandy beach).

What warm colors can you name?

  • "What makes you feel cold?" (snow, ice, pool water, wind)

What cool color can you name?

Then, have these colors available in crayons, markers, colored pencils, chalk, etc. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Have white paper available and let your child draw. It's that simple. Sometimes we adults make things complicated by suggesting what WE think they should draw and create.

Let their little minds draw the image that is in their heads.

Become a Member: ANNIESPALETTE HOME PAGE ( scroll down to email box).

As a member you can share some photos of what your child (or you) has done with some of the lessons posted here. Creative Showcase

Another great family service to help your children with crafting projects.

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Yarn Painting (ages 10 to adult)

Yarn paintings are literally what they sound like, paintings made of yarn. Originally yarn paintings were from the Huichol Native Americans. This lesson is a bit more patience intensive but the results will be rewarded when finished: oohs and ahs.


  • Thick paper

  • Yarns - scraps of yarn will do.

  • Glue

  • scissors

  1. Quick sketch with a pencil that shows your design

  2. Fill in the areas with short pieces of yarn. A pencil or kabob stick holds down the yarn.

  3. Attach your art to a firm base, like a styrofoam plate.

4. Finish. Admire your work

Recommended materials for this yarn art lesson. Clicking links in this post may result in a commission but will be no cost to the buyer.

Parents. Check out this ⬆️ site!

A "how-to" solves the problem of organizing and sorting your children's art and school work that they bring home.

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Do you think that's an oxymoron? Maybe. I'm going to be positive and write about ways that I think can help make our move from one home to another as easy as possible

I have moved 5 times:

1. Hometown of Westfield Massachusetts to just 30 minutes away, then 2. Maine, 3. back to Hadley, MA, then 4. New Haven, CT, and 5. now in Virginia. They were all an adventure, and I like new beginnings. Now it's time to do it again. My husband and I are moving from a three-story home to a two-level, "active 55" community. I'm going to go at this in a positive way. I will lay this out following a path of planning, and helpful tips.

One thing that has changed since both my husband and I moved over 30 years ago is obvious: Technology. Yes, there's an app for that! Here we go!

1. Download helpful moving apps