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Pinterest is an amazing platform to build traffic to all your sales sites, and to your own website, as in this blog. Upgrading my Pinterest to a business account, and using Tailwind as a scheduling software has greatly increased my viewership, sales, and followers.

This is the latest addition that Pinterest has offered and I am still playing with the format. It is in the form of "stories", similar to those used by Instagram and Facebook and gives the pinner the opportunity to have several pages including images, text, color, content, and other info all in one pin.

To see this pin click the image below to my Pinterest board:

  • Annie Mason

I begin this new month having endured, with the rest of the world, the daily existence in the time of coronavirus. How has it only been five weeks? My generation, as a unit, have survived crises: World War II, mass shootings, 9-11, the DC snipers (a local event that created such fear in our own home), but this seems all-encompassing and affects so much of our life. Yet, life goes on, or tries to. Artists have created lasting images of events: think Civil War, the Depression, Women's Right to Vote, 1960s protests, and more.

Does my own art have this impact? No. Of course not. I'm not famous. My followers , however, have increased since 2015 when I started painting in watercolor, scanning the images, and posting on social media sites. Selling? Yes. That's not why I do it, the extra income, however, is nice. I will continue to pick up a paintbrush, or pen, and put my own hand to paper. It's what I do. I still post almost daily from at least one of my Print on Demand (POD) shops. Is this a "mayday" crisis? Perhaps. There is a tension in the air that is palpable. No one wants to get sick. I remember that for flowers to bloom, they need plenty of water, sunshine, and nourishing soil. With patience, blossoms are sure to come.

I hope you browse this website. I am lucky not to have to sell my art as my only source of income. Please browse these shops: Society6 Redbubble and zazzle.

Feel free to check my products or search another topic and find another artist and brighten their "mayday" with a purchase.

  • Annie Mason

Well. You would think that I would have lots and lots of time to step up my creative juices. Turns out my creativity went south in March through mid-April. I keep going up to my third floor studio. I move things around. I've barely picked up a paintbrush. Hopefully, in the next few weeks I can focus more on my images, and not on this pandemic which has been so hard on so many. I hope my visitors will enjoy this video tour (2:10 min) of my studio:


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