• Annie Mason

It's a tough call. Our country (and the world) is facing a pandemic. We're at the beginning, and each one of us is having to determine how to live. I faced a bit of this on Saturday when Heather Boutique and I had scheduled a trunk show of my #watercolor #greetingcards, and an assortment of my original watercolors for sale. Neither of us knew if this would be a typical Saturday in downtown Fredericksburg, or we would have a day of empty streets. I trusted that Heather was prepared with plenty of hand sanitizers around the shop, along with staff who are always pleasant and well aware that this is a different situation. So on with the show. Traffic was light in the early morning hours, then, around lunch time it started to pick up. Soon, there was a steady stream of customers, some, you could tell, were just coming out of a light-hearted stay at a local pub, having celebrated early St. Patrick Day revelry. Hopefully, lots of hand washing, and "social distancing" will keep everyone healthy. All in all, the lesson here: stay focused, reasonable, trust those who serve us (medical personnel, doctors, public servants), and stay calm amid the storm.

  • Annie Mason

I love pen and ink drawing. These Pigment Liner pens are my favorite. They seem to last a long time and the tips don't bend against the surface of watercolor paper. You should let them dry completely before adding any watercolor. It depends on what I am working on but usually I add the pen after my watercolor areas. In this case I did the pen drawing first.


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