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I am excited to have a Zazzle store. For now, I have a few products and have started some "Collections." Below is one of my greeting cards.

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Rather than upload one state Bird/Flower at a time I will add groups.

Here are the next three:

Alaska: (willow ptarmigan and forget-me-not)

Arizona: (Cactus wren and Saguaro Cactus)

Arkansas: (mockingbird and appleblossom)

It is such fun to do these. Essentially the bird form doesn't change much, and the flowers are distinctive enough by shape and color. I hope you enjoy the blogs which will feature these from time to time.

The link will take you to Society6 and this collection, "United States Birds and Flowers"

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Each year, for the past few years, I have come up with a theme that would give me a chance to do a series of watercolors. One year I did the 12 zodiac signs, another year I titled my paintings alphabetically. This year I am painting the official state (of the United States) birds and flowers, painting each state in alphabetical order. Starting this artistic journey this past January, the project begins with Alabama's state bird: the "Northern Flicker" and the state flower, the "Camelia". Watch for future blog posts that feature other states. Click the photo for the Society6 Art Print. Scroll down to see all the items with this image available in my store.

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