A “salty” way to paint.

You might know that watercolor painting has many ways to apply paint: wet on wet, layering, dry brush, wash, and more.

The following tutorial will show this simple way of making a textured background with a common household item: table salt, then adding the strength of bold black ink. (0:27 sec)

animal elephant watercolor painting illustration zentangle pen ink nursery
Zen Elephant - finished artwork

This is a simple way to add texture to your background. I love using watercolor with pen and ink See my blog post: Pen, Ink, and Watercolor.

You can use any form of salt. Experiment with common table salt, sea salt, seasoned salt, or kosher, or any others. Most will act in the same way. Just remember, sprinkle it on in watery areas; then let it dry COMPLETELY before adding any sort of pen or paint.

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Try out this technique. It’s a lot of fun.

At this writing, this is the first day of 2021. Happy New Year to all my readers. This past year has been difficult for so many people, in many ways. The pandemic is like nothing that I have experienced in my lifetime. At 71 years old, I have seen buildings and lives destroyed by terrorists (9/11 2001), snipers aiming and killing people randomly not far from our own home (D.C. snipers 2002), and children being gunned down in their classrooms ( Sandy Hook (Dec. 2012). To name just a few.

This past year was strange, and horrific in affecting so many: people restricted to their homes for months, stores having to create ways to keep shoppers safe, groups of people who were convinced this was a “hoax", and nurses/doctors who would beg to differ.

I will end here on a lighter note. My spiritual upbringing does me well. My family comes next and luckily we have little to want in material needs. My husband and I are seeing our path to “downsizing“ from our home of 33 years. Whoop. (That will be a story for a later date).

My artwork sustains me. Here is one of my favorite paintings, done years ago, as a tutorial:

This somewhat summarizes the year 2020 for me: warm and cold colors, light and dark, branches reaching for hope and dreams. I named the painting, “Solstice.” I painted this using a tutorial from a book, with my own choice of depth and treatment of colors. Credit: “Watercolor for the absolute beginner” by Mark and Mary Willenbrink. Click the Amazon link to purchase a copy of this very good how-to book:

Thank you to all of my readers and friends for your support of this blog and my artwork.

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