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The links below are products that I either own, have used, or am familiar with through friends who recommend them or have used a similar product.


UBeesize Tripod S, Premium Flexible Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote, Mini Tripod Stand for Cameras/GoPros/Mobile Devices

The tripod above is super versatile. Nice size, bends to adjust to any direction and angle, and the remote is fantastic since I am usually video making with a brush in my hand I can have the remote in the other and start or stop the video. I love this tripod.

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You can store your photos on Amazon Prime Photos or Amazon Cloud Drive. Both platforms are included within your Prime subscription and offer incredible value for photographers looking to back up a significant archive.

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Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum

*** As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. ***

Let's go for the BIG stuff. Why not? You know how much you would love a new TV. You've been working hard in the middle of a pandemic, your schedule has been all out of whack, you're anxious to take a trip but it's not in the cards, as yet. Why not kick back on your favorite sofa, and watch on a new tv. Browse these deserve it!

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