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Artsy Craftsy party for kids!

What to do. what to do. It's so much fun to plan for a party of any kind. No. no, it's not.

The same games they played at the last party might not be fun anymore. I'm going to give you three easy art lessons that any age kid would love to do. None of them are really messy, and none of them will have expensive materials. Most can be purchased at a local craft shop or retail store. (I am going to post all the materials here and would appreciate it if you might consider a purchase from this blog as I earn a small commission).

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Simple Flowers


  • Watercolor paper (cut into a small size: about 5“x 7"

  • watercolor brush (some will come with the paint set)

  • watercolor paint set (the Amazon sets will have a nice variety of colors) You can choose to let the kids share one or two sets, or have each child have their own set.

  • a small bowl of water.

  • small pieces of paper towels to wipe brushes between colors or pick up spills.

  • A hairdryer to dry paint before adding decorative stems with a black pen (unless you wait).

  • Black pens (regular black gel or writing) will work. I used micron pens

Watch this (33 sec.) video to see how easy it is:

YOU can become an Alien Creature

This lesson is easy, fun, and might get the kids laughing at the result. The lesson teaches symmetry, cutting on the fold, choosing colors.


  • White cardstock. This could be from the backside of old cards or purchased from a local craft store.

  • Scissors.

  • Markers, crayons, and/or colored pencils in lots of colors.

Watch this (09:37) video to see how the kids can change their name into an "alien"!

Perfect Paper Petals


  • Drinking straws for stems (color doesn't matter)

  • Craft paper in any color (pinks, purples, and blues, or printed paper).

  • Scissors

  • Glue or tape


  1. Make three templates from stiff paper, each a different size (small, medium, large)

  2. Pick out a paper in any color.

  3. Trace around the templates on your choice of colors. They can be the same colors, or varied.

  4. Cut out each of the petal shapes.

  5. Stack them large to small (large on the bottom). Make a hole in each shape big enough for the straw to go through.

  6. Now cut one end of the straw making slits around the edge. These should be no more than an inch long. (these will be the center of the flower).

  7. Push the other end through the paper petal stack and push these up to the slit center.

  8. You can either put a small piece of tape around the shapes at the straw or a bit of glue. (this will keep your petals in place.

The materials for this craft can usually be found around the house. If you are having a large group I am suggesting some of the items which can be purchased online:

That's it! Easy, peasy. And no mess. Remember, if you order from the links above I earn a small commission on anything you purchase in that single transaction, so you can add items to your cart. I thank you for all your purchases.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Clicking the links

in this post and making the purchase of this product will be an Amazon commission

for me but will have no cost to you.

I hope that some of these art/craft lessons are something that you can do at your kid's parties. If you try this I would love to hear about your party success in the comments. (Scroll to the comment section below Recent Posts).

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