Coneflowers Galore

So you want to paint some easy flowers? Let's get started. First, I use a hard pencil (3-HB) which will let you erase your pencil lines. Don't make your lines too dark. (You will want to erase them before you add any watercolor). I use a kneaded eraser, letting my lines be just enough to know where my flower shapes are placed.

Next, I add the oval or circle shapes to where the tops of the flowers are going to be. I frequently use odd numbers of flower shapes, including the ones that might be small and hidden behind other flowers.

Now that I have my placement of where the flowers are on my page, and my paints, my water, and my paper towel (watch my videos. I sometimes don't even know it's in my left hand)

It's time for the fun.

For you, flower lover/gardeners catch this article: How to Grow and Care for Purple Coneflower. from my friends at

Recommended materials:

Watch this short video. Lightly sketch out the areas with pencil.

It's now a question of building layers and details. This is where the artist (you) needs to determine what to add or how dark to make the details. Yep. I still have a hard time with this. Is it DONE? As many years as I have been painting, I still regret the "I wish I had stopped earlier" syndrome.

An artist friend of mine said: "When you think you are done, you are past done".

Or "A work is finished when an artist says it is finished." ~ Rembrandt

So there. That's specific enough for me.

For the full finish watch the YouTube video below. I use a lot of pens and colored watercolor pencils for detail. It's just a trait of mine.

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Watercolor video of coneflowers from drawing, laying colors, and detail to end.

(1 min 32sec).

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