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Fifty fine feathers and flora

In January of 2019, I decided to do another series. I had done the Zodiac signs and

Vintage Seed Packs. This thought, however, proved to be a long journey: I decided to paint all 50 United States official birds and flowers.

The first decision was to go alpha. That gave me a road to stay on and I could check ✅ them off one by one. In between, I continued to paint my usual floral designs, animals, patterns, insects, and anything that comes into my head usually from nature.

Alabama takes flight.

One down, forty-nine to go! Don't worry, I'm not going to post all 50 here but I will send you to where you can see the whole collection at the end of this post.

I did all the "A" states by the end of January, then took a break. These first few were nicely received with Arizona still is one of the most popular in the series.

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If you want to explore the world of state birds and flowers this book on Nature Study Handbook is a must. (hover over the title for more information).

I chronicled my early musings in two blog posts: Painting each State Bird and Flower and

Adding more State Birds and Flowers

April was my next group with Connecticut Delaware Florida Hawaii among the states.

Hawaii is one of my favorites: I love the black and white pen and ink of the Nene Goose against the bright yellow of the hibiscus flower (which, to me looks like a lei)

I continued through 2019 ending the year with Missouri. I felt like I was right on track to be able to finish by the end of 2020. I use reference pictures from the public domain, creative commons (with licensing credit), and stock photos; all in reference to both birds and flowers. All of the works are a combination of using a bird and a flower from two different sources and combining them in a deliberate design.

If you are a bird lover, a true "birder", or someone who wants to find out what that "strange bird" you just saw is called this book needs to be in your library. Beautiful, full-color identification pictures arranged for quick access. The National Audubon Society is the most important nonprofit organization whose history is to preserve the environment and teach conservation of bird and nature habitats.

You might have a little one who keeps asking questions about the birds at your backyard feeder. Audubon also has a book for kids available on Amazon.

Lastly, a fun-schooling Journal - Science and Geography paperback. Ages 9 to Adult. Add State Flowers + State Trees.

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I started the year 2020 painting Montana.

Montana (sticker) meadowlark and bitterroot

This was the first state bird that I did where I did a short video while painting and later in the year (when I got brave enough) I posted it to YouTube.

I was determined to finish the full 50 states by the end of 2020, so I picked up the pace and made sure I was on track to do just that. You will find that the videos got better and better because I learn more and more as I tried my hand at video editing. I had joined a group called Bloggers Traffic Community and I had the support of this group adding traffic to my blog and learning video techniques from fellow bloggers.

Oregon western meadowlark and grape vines

By late July I was cranking these out and enjoying the process of video making while I painted each bird and flower of each state. The time-lapse video is fun, and I have found that people were clicking these more often on YouTube and on Pinterest.

Click here to watch Oregon on YouTube.

South Carolina - carolina wren & yellow jessamine

A little digital music might be just the right thing for relaxing in your favorite chair.

Bird sounds to use during massage, yoga, or daily stretching available from Amazon.

For the serious birder, these binoculars are the perfect addition for the enthusiastic ornithologist. Click the image here. (hover over the title for more information.

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My confidence increased as I worked to finish these by the end of the year. At this point in time, I had my setup for video taking at my easel and I had experimented with several different editors. I settled in on the existing Video Editor on my laptop, while I explore the more sophisticated methods and platforms within my budget.

One more share of a video: Vermont (finished product)

"Flying" to the end, I finished Wyoming the day after Thanksgiving 2020. Ta-Da!!!!

It has been quite an accomplishment. I have limited my social media and sharing until I had completed the entire collection. You can find all 50 states here on my Society6 storefront under "Collections": United States Birds and Flowers.

I also made a Story Pin on Pinterest highlighting my favorites from this collection:

A to Z - State Birds and Flowers

ADDENDUM: January 5, 2021. Since posting this article I have created a full YouTube video that runs through each state bird and flower watercolor. Names of birds and flowers are left out and maybe a chance to see if you (or your child) can name them.

Video: 4 min 15 sec.

Thanks for browsing through the watercolor art which completes the series of

State Birds and Flowers.

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Surprisingly, none of my favorite birds (Eagles, Hummingbirds, and Peacocks) are "State Birds" so here are some books about these magnificent birds, large and small that you might like to purchase from Amazon. I get a small commission without any cost to you.

(Click the bird links above, or the image below).

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