Gifts for Crafters

You have it in you. That desire to "make something". Maybe it started when you were young. Or maybe your mother decorated cakes for a living and you wanted to do that too.

Whatever the trade or hobby, the crafter has a long tradition. Early crafts probably date to the dawn of man (and woman). The Arts and Crafts Movement dates to the 19th century when tradesmen began to hone their skills, especially in the area of textiles.

Mass production took off especially during the Industrial Revolution. Again,

textiles were the dominant trades, along with the grander technologies: the electrical telegraph, steam power, and ironworks. Factories were springing up across the country and yarn spinning, glass making, and woodworking became true standards of living.

So here's to all you crafters out there. The posts have a bit of something for gift-giving in popular crafts

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For Knitters:

For Quilters:

For Crafts / Scrapbooking:

For Jewelry Makers:

For Woodworking Crafts:

I hope that this has given you some ideas for crafter gifts.

Thank you for shopping on this blog. If YOU are a crafter. buy yourself something.

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