I Can't Stop Making Videos!

If you were one of those parents who couldn't stop taking pictures of your little ones, especially if you have an "only" like we do, you will understand how you ran through film (remember those days?) in a jiffy. My husband

worked shifts so his off-time was precious.

We planned two or three weeks in a block of time to travel both the U.S. and provinces of Canada.

Our daughter logged 41 states with us,

and 6 provinces by the time she was 9 yrs. old. The camera got a real workout.

The early 1990s. Ah, yes. This was the

behemoth of a video camcorder that we

lugged from place to place. I think it weighed more than our daughter.

Enter a different time: our phones and iPads take pictures/videos, text, and occasionally you make or answer calls.

What's next? The genius of photography continues.

About five years ago I started watercolor paintings in earnest, learned to edit on Adobe Photoshop Elements, started sales of my artwork on various online shops, and ventured into the world of YouTube where I tried my hand at making videos while I painted. Believe me, I have definitely improved with every video. My blogging buddies at BTC Supporter Group have given me great advice. (To find out more about this #blogging group click

the BTC logo link on the sidebar).

It takes some patience to build an audience, but I have seen recent encouragement with my subscriber numbers growing all the time.

This post will have FOUR of my most popular video selections. I especially like time-lapse videos, so these are quite short. I post the length for each one in the text. (Keep in mind that I have only been doing this 4 months). Be nice.

I did a little art lesson during an Art Festival in Fredericksburg Virginia last fall. I knew a lot of children would be visiting the street art, and this was what I showed them how to do. Real easy, and I was able to do enough of them to give out some finished samples. Their faces lit up. Gosh, I love teaching. 29 sec.

The Sakura Koi Field kit to the right is similar to the watercolor set that you frequently see in my videos. A link to this item on Amazon is a commission to me as an Amazon Affiliate. There is no extra cost to you if you purchase.

There are some days that I just feel like wheeling a paintbrush and a pen, and just having fun. This is the result: 39 sec.

In 2019 I decided to paint every state bird and flower in alphabetical order. At present, I have ten more states. This next video is Oregon's bird (meadowlark) and plant (grapes). You can tell that I have improved my video prowess (I think). 59 sec.

Lastly, another state: South Carolina bird (wren) and flower (yellow jesssamine). I was able to add a Title Card and get the music more in sync with the video. One of my favorite videos, so far. - 2 min. 31 sec.

I don't intend to invest in a fancy video camera. For the time being, I am satisfied with using my iPhone. The software and editor offerings are amazing (see offerings from Amazon below) and there are so many to choose from that I want to stay with the one that I am using until I find what special effects, or techniques I want to employ in my videos. I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks for visiting and taking time to view my videos. There is so much more for me to learn, but I love to find new ways of adding to my knowledge level.

If you want to drop a suggestion in the comments, I would love that.

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