Imagine, then Art Materials

There is no dearth of art supplies on the market. Local retail shops are usually just a stone's throw from where you live, and in this COVID-19 period that we are in, most are still doing curbside pickup. I use Michael's because the store is within 6 miles of our home, it usually has what I need for same-day pickup, and coupons are plenteous if you join their rewards program.

If you are like me, curbside is the best method of not having to go into the store. Not because of the virus, but because I know that when it comes to art supplies I would not be able to get out of the store without seeing something that I "can't do without".

Arts and Crafts supplies could drain a good credit card for some. I really don't consider myself a "craftsy" person but I sure have had fun with some craft projects throughout the years. I don't want to be critiqued for the crafts vs "fine arts" that don't belong together on the same blog. Nonsense. I can have a degree in graphic arts, fine arts, and art history (which I do) and be perfectly comfortable with enjoying the aspects of all. If you follow me here on this blog, that's exactly what I present. I have a little bit of sketching, drawing, and painting but I sprinkle a bit of craft (especially for kids) with topics that I would want my readers to read. See Crafters or Artsy, Craftsy Party. I do, however, lean my posts towards a fine art "perspective" (pardon, the pun). I have been a working artist and an art teacher for the better part of my adult life. I don't consider my sensitivity to the history of respected artists to play a role in changing viewpoints and I will point out how we (the viewers) can be engaged and involved as communities. A great example here: Understanding the Value of Arts and Culture.

Art or Craft...the artist imagines first. He or she decides on what to draw, or paint, or mold, or make into a mosaic.

Inspiration can come from something that he or she happens upon. Something that is found on a daily walk around the neighborhood.

Look for the things you find around the house (buttons), or

on a beach (seashells ), or left behind on a pathway walk through a forest (bird feathers)


It's not just the artist who can find that which sparks a light inside. My husband found this in a tent at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where he said, "You haven't seen a night sky until you have seen it from the depth of the cliffs that surround the Colorado river". No ambient light. Just crystal clear sky with the stars "twinkling like one million

jewels." What did he find? He found an amazing memory that he will never forget. A "bucket list" project with four high-school buddies. And, yes. It was wet.

[14-day Grand Canyon river rafting trip May 2018]

To find more on how you too can experience this adventure check the website The Canyoneers.

Most frequently the artist (child or adult) has tools that he/she has become accustomed to using. I have my favorite watercolors. You might have your favorite yarn, or quilt fabric, or woodworking tool. Whatever it is, practice. Don't expect your art, no matter the choice of materials, to be perfect. Use sources of information like books, or the internet, or YouTube to find out about your project and help get you started.

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These are anniespalette's most often used materials. The books are very good for beginners and seasoned artists All are moderately priced and easy to use wherever you choose to paint, from a work table to a kitchen table.