There is inspiration everywhere.

If there is any question that comes up with regard to my art it is frequently: Where do you find your "inspiration?"

Hmm. I ask myself the same question, frequently. Especially when I am ready to start a new work. Is it something that I have just seen? Is it something I dreamt about last night?

Is it a series that I would like to do? State Birds and Flowers

Truthfully, it is something that pops into my head. Like most artists, I take my inspiration from things around me, or from something that I have seen and I "want to paint that!!!"

For me, it might be the apple that I just had at the breakfast table.

Like most artists, I work from life and may place the object in front of me and just observe. I study line, shape, light, texture, form, color, and value. These are commonly referred to as Elements of Art.

This was my training as an art student, and I cherish this background because my professors taught me well.

I love inanimate objects. I walk around the house and look for subjects that someone else might find interesting too. Or it is sentimental in its origin?

For example, I have a tin of buttons. It's a childhood memory because my grandmother would take out a similar tin and let me play with it when she was watching me while my mother was at work. I remember the feel and touch of these small objects, and the sound they made as they moved around the tin box.

As an artist now, the buttons became my interest; my inspiration. I took the full tin of buttons that I still have and I threw them on a sheet of white paper. Then I took a picture. Artists work from photographs, not to "copy" but to see all those elements and transfer the image to paper, using their medium of choice, in my case, watercolor, pen, and ink.

It also becomes marketable for an artist because what seamstress, or quilter might want a tote bag that showcases her craft? Buy it here in my Society6 store.

I also love the mundane: a switch plate.

...and how funny it is on a coffee mug?

But, I digress.

Artists surround themselves with others who are passionate about art. When I joined Society6 as an artist, I suddenly found myself looking at and enjoying the hundreds of thousands of artists who are part of that community. How fun is that? In my lifetime, I have hung out with people of like-mind. Now, you can find them with a click of a keyboard. I have highlighted them here in my blog feature: Meet the Artist. I am currently taking a class with Cat Coquillette on Why would an artist want to take a course with another artist? Why? Because even as my own work is watercolor, ink, acrylic, charcoal...she works in similar mediums but has a different technique, or tips, or style, and we can all learn from each other. Right?

If you follow my art you know that nature is my passion and a true inspiration. I love birds, flowers, insects, animals, seashells, gardens, beaches...on and on. We have traveled as a family and they know that they had better "wait up" because mom is taking pictures,

AGAIN. I can get lost in a museum, but lost in a botanical garden, as well. This "Slipper Orchid" is an interpretation from a photo that I took at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia.

Books themselves will "light a match" inside my head. Writers are so imaginative and they are so capable of drawing an image in their descriptions. I am also inspired by music and film. The painting below was inspired by the movie, The Mission, with a score by the wonderful composer, Ennio Morricone This haunting piece should inspire anyone. Watch, and listen here: Gabriel's Oboe. Oh my. I have goosebumps right now listening as I type. Who knows what I will paint today?

Who knows where my inspiration comes from on any given day? My answer is that you live life. You read, think, observe, love, jot things down, write affirmations, call someone who you haven't heard from in a while. Live, Love, do Life.

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