May Day might be a "mayday".

I begin this new month having endured, with the rest of the world, the daily existence in the time of coronavirus. How has it only been five weeks? My generation, as a unit, have survived crises: World War II, mass shootings, 9-11, the DC snipers (a local event that created such fear in our own home), but this seems all-encompassing and affects so much of our life. Yet, life goes on, or tries to. Artists have created lasting images of events: think Civil War, the Depression, Women's Right to Vote, 1960s protests, and more.

Does my own art have this impact? No. Of course not. I'm not famous. My followers , however, have increased since 2015 when I started painting in watercolor, scanning the images, and posting on social media sites. Selling? Yes. That's not why I do it, the extra income, however, is nice. I will continue to pick up a paintbrush, or pen, and put my own hand to paper. It's what I do. I still post almost daily from at least one of my Print on Demand (POD) shops. Is this a "mayday" crisis? Perhaps. There is a tension in the air that is palpable. No one wants to get sick. I remember that for flowers to bloom, they need plenty of water, sunshine, and nourishing soil. With patience, blossoms are sure to come.

I hope you browse this website. I am lucky not to have to sell my art as my only source of income. Please browse these shops: Society6 Redbubble and zazzle.

Feel free to check my products or search another topic and find another artist and brighten their "mayday" with a purchase.


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