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It's the place I uploaded my artwork to a shop called, Society6 I am a watercolor artist and discovered that many artists showcase their work on these POD shops I learned how to upload scanned images and slowly built an audience who recognized my art and purchased products. Yes, initially it was family and friends, I make a percentage of profit from the sales at Society6, but I do not have to manufacture the products and that is worth the headache of selling my artwork online. Society6 does this for me. I'm proud to have designer skills like: asset sizes, I'm self-taught on Adobe Photoshop for editing, and using links to post the products on social media. (Amazon product link below)

My Society6 store has been open since 2015. My sales have been consistent, and have increased in number each year. I have learned a lot about marketing, as well as making myself known on various platforms.

Society6 has an amazing following, and even though the profit is not grand, I essentially upload the scanned artwork and sit back, continue to paint, and do it all over again. The customers are mostly unknown to me but those who have told me that they made a purchase have been happy with their products. The quality seems excellent and has a satisfaction guarantee. I currently have 295 designs and I am still excited every time I see another sale. That's not why I paint but it's a nice perk.

The next POD shop that I joined as a "designer" is Redbubble which has a very similar platform to Society6. Since I already had so many scanned watercolors, it is a pretty standard process to just upload the pictures from my files and they are now in another shop for sale. Redbubble has a threshold $ amount before they pay the artists (S6 does not) so I do have to wait until sales have met that threshold. Both Society6 and Redbubble have a wait period (30 days) for the customer to keep their purchase and be satisfied. Then, the artist gets their payment.

The sales are coming more frequently with my Redbubble store Visit the store and choose to shop by products, or explore by designs.

Lastly, I have added Zazzle to my POD shops. I hesitated because "was I putting too much on my plate?" Perhaps, but I had the watercolor art at this point, and again I only needed to post them to the store. What my Zazzle store has, that the other sites do not, is the the ability for the artist to "customize" or "personalize" a product. The purchaser can click a product, such as a greeting card, or a business card, and add their information to that item. This proved a bit tricky for me, but I am slowly adding this feature to the products on this site.

Zazzle is also a site that gives the artist a percentage of profit. As a promotional designer I can set my margin, but I still have to wait until I have met a threshold before a payment is made.

If you have the wish to take up watercolor painting, just do it. There are lots of resources for the budding artist, like these books from Amazon. (As an associate I receive a commission from your purchase at no cost to you)

As an artist it is rewarding to see that my artwork has a purpose. There are times that it is disconcerting to see my work on a rug (that people are going to walk across) or on socks (that my artwork doesn't particular suit in this product). My art is traditional, and my audience is 75% female, according to the analytics. Most gravitate to my floral pieces and soft watercolor images. All in all, the marketing software has exploded in the last number of years. Tailwind is an amazing scheduler, Pinterest is the go-to sharing platform, on the forefront of visibility, and my fairly new BLOG is something I never thought of, and now it is where I am focused, making this a conduit for sharing my art. Thanks to those of you who keep me happy, and it's an honor to share my art with YOU.

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