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Anniespalette has blogged about mat and frames in previous posts: Tutorial for Mat and Frame and Mat for Your Frame

This topic is an excellent article on The Best Ways to Hang Posters Cee Luxury Designs has graciously allowed me to link to this topic. See her business and social media info below.

Hanging wall art is a particularly tricky topic, as the wall becomes involved and potentially too involved. My husband and I are about to move to a new home, and then put our present home on the market. I walk through our house noticing the many places that have not-so-little holes left from meaningful pictures that graced our home for many years. Knowing how to best hang your photographs, paintings, and posters is a good thing to understand. Cee Luxury Designs' article will give you good strategies and suggest materials to use.

College students, in particular, love to put up posters featuring their favorite music groups, travel spots, or quotations that inspire or make you laugh. During this Covid=19 area, students have certainly not had to worry about their dorm rooms because they have been empty. "Hang On" (sorry, couldn't resist) to this thought, however, since we all hope that the vaccines and social distancing will come to the end in the fall and you will be off to planning how many posters you can attach to your walls. Read this blog to get some very good tips on how not to damage your walls.

Please follow this link to read this 3 min. article on how best to do this without holes in your wall, or thumbtacks, sticky tape, or glue (horrors!).

Thank you. Find her social media/business sites here:


Cee Luxury Design - Home Improvement Site

I hope our viewers will learn the best way to hang their posters.

Follow this link to read: How to hang framed and unframed posters without damaging your walls

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These products are suggested for use in the article.

If the poster is unframed:

Scotch brand poster tape. Poster Dots Scotch Magic Tape (3 pack)

If the poster is framed:

Large picture hanging strips Universal Frame Hanger

Thank you Cee Luxury Design for sharing your blog with anniespalette.

Find her blog here: Cee Luxury Design

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