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What Are Pinterest Story Pins and How Do They Work?

Pinterest has rolled out their NEW feature called 'story pins'.


A story pin is a Pin with multiple images and words attached to one pin. They are perfect for a tutorial or DIY showcase. Don't be mislead, however, they are nothing like an Instagram story, so don't get stressed. Here is an example of one that I created to show a simple watercolor lesson that kids (and adults) can do:

A watercolor lesson even You can do


You can create a story pin in the same way that you create a regular pin. Just go into your Pinterest account and click the red + sign. Then choose Create Story Pin!


Once you have hit create a story pin, the first thing you need to do is create a cover photo for the story. I would suggest using Canva (or similar) which explains what your story is abou,t using text and images. Pinterest notes the minimum size for a story graphic

should be 900 x 1600 px

You will need to give the story a title. Remember to include key words as this is how users will find your story in the search.


Once you have a title you can now add additional images to your story. You need a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 images. Pinterest suggests at least 5 images. These can be created on Canva or Glorify or your choice (ideally portrait). Add a title and text to go with it. Remember that keywords are important here too.'

Keep in mind your pins should help people understand why your products or ideas are the right fit for them. Clearly show how someone might use your product, try your project, or use an idea that you've tried.

Include your logo in every pin that you make, but keep it subtle.

Keep text concise so that it's easy for people to read on their phone.

Add text, images, and videos (20 sec or less)

Save as a draft, until you're ready to go. Click PUBLISH !

Done. And watch the Fun.

Addendum: Almost one year later! April 23, 2021

Smart person that I am. I never clicked PUBLISH during an edit on this blog post. Hmm.

We are human, are we not?

I will end this post with Social Media is a curious thing. There is still a bit of controversy about Story Pins on Pinterest. They don't have the capability to link to any sites, the editor is still annoying, and they are not widely used as yet.

However I this STORY PIN truly WENT VIRAL!

Was it the text? "A watercolor lesson even YOU can do." Could be.

Was it the easy lesson that it truly was?


ThEse are questions that bloggers and entrepreneurs of all niche writers ask all the time. My personal thought is that you just have to keep trying, and doing, and learning every day. You learn from others, like my BTC COMMUNITY fellow bloggers. Join, it's fun.

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