When is an Artist Finished?

You would think we would know but I hear artists ask this question all the time. I have asked myself this same question.

It's because we want to know that it is complete and it is perfect. Or as perfect as it will be? That leaves open that you could darken that bird's wing, or add a background.

The FINISHED artwork here is from a series: Ohio (Cardinal and Carnation) See society6 collection here: United States Birds and Flowers

I made these images into a "Story Pin" which you can find here on Pinterest.

Pinterest is definitely the go-to platform for sharing art, recipes, travel, inspiration, tech....you name it. Tailwind and Pinterest have changed my viewership and sales.

I recently found another super worthy site: Bloggers Traffic Community.

I was a little apprehensive and unsure of what this was all about. There are a lot of boards and groups. It didn't take long however to have someone from the membership jump in and answer any questions. My blog has never been very active. It's hard to get it off and running (like most business enterprises). You rely on sharing with family and friends. But this community has daily posts for bloggers and website owners helping each other grow their respective sites. I know that if you blog in a certain niche, you will be able to find help getting an audience in that niche, and beyond. I joined the Pinterest/Instagram group and a YouTube group. It didn't take me long to decide to become a member of the BTC Supporters group because it is obvious that the leaders here work very hard to keep this platform rolling. Am I glad I joined? Well, if you saw my traffic numbers you'd be happy with the results, too.

I'll end here with saying that artists never feel they are truly finished. They fix, and change, and start over. I'm 70 years old and not afraid to try new things. I am a firm believer in "you learn something new EVERY DAY". Just do it!

As an artist you are never truly FINISHED.


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